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Sorry for all the crossposting :-)

Are you ready?

Feri Camp 2009 registration is opening very soon!
Watch the feri_camp community for the announcement. Expect more information tomorrow.

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San Diego is on fire... again.

Firefighters are saying that this fire is eerily similar to the one the area faced a few years ago. The entire situation seems very eerie to me.

Two weeks and one day ago, a group of us worked a very powerful ritual in Julian. Our intent was to help the land heal from the fires that had swept through last time. There was no doubt in my mind that the ritual worked, and that it worked well. Melek Ta'us was there, making himself known. That night, strong winds kicked up as if to say "we hear you!"

One week and one day ago, rain fell on our county. I didn't get a lot of it because I live farther south, but the northern parts of the county got a fair amount. We took this as a good sign.

Today I called on Melek Ta'us. Before I called Him I said a prayer. I acknowledged that I am human, and my perspective is narrow, and that I don't know best. I called Melek, and I asked him to remember the work we had done. He said he remembered, and that we are getting what we asked for. He said that this is the best thing for the land. I asked Him to please make sure that all of the people and animals get out safely. He said "We do what we can," and he ran off towards the fire.

And I wonder. Did I hear wrong? Are my filters clogged? But too many things seem too coincidental. Almost exactly two weeks have passed since the ritual (this is the first day after the two weeks ended). The wind that blew through the end of our ritual seems to blow again tonight. The fire we have now is so much the same as the fire we asked to heal from, and the weather is so much the same as well. There are actually two fires, but the one near where we worked out magic is being called Witch Fire, named after Witch Creek, where it started.

Witch Fire.

And Melek tells me to trust, and to wait. I wonder if I will ever know what benefit this fire brings, but I have to trust that it really does bring benefit.

Have we helped catalyze the fever that will cure this land of some untold disease? Is this the time of pain and change that serves to make the land (and hopefully us) stronger? Or is it just one more disaster to add to the list?

As I sit in my apartment - breathing smoky air through my scratchy throat, hearing the winds whip through the corridors and knowing that they spread the fires that are causing such fear and discomfort - I trust that the gods know what they are doing. I trust that the spirit of this land wants to heal.

Please pray to keep the people and animals safe.


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